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Monday, 4 September 2023 Ensemble Theatre
Ensemble Theatre

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Director's Note: Francesca Savige, SUMMER OF HAROLD - Ensemble Theatre

Why do we cherish material things? How do they inform, infuse, infect or ignite our lives? What happens when these objects are broken or lost? - Director Francesca Savige Check out the full Director's note on our website.

SUMMER OF HAROLD by Hilary Bell heads into previews on Friday Visit our website to book your tickets!

Prudence Upton

Before our workshop of this play my mother visited.
Noticing her 1980s lemon juicer on my kitchen bench, she inquired if I would care to update it. I said No, I love this one! Despite the hideousness of this plastic relic, I realised that it held years of memories of growing up cooking with my..

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