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Are your kids sick of holiday chores

Wednesday, 24 April 2024 Wyong Musical Theatre Company Inc
Wyong Musical Theatre Company Inc

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Are your kids sick of holiday chores? Are you looking for something other than a screen to entertain them? Well why not bring them along to our live musical production of Forever Treasure Island? Both our casts had wonderful opening shows - Jim cast this afternoon and Jen cast this evening. It was fantastic to see all their hard work and perseverance pay off, and hear the audiences really enjoying their singing, acting and dancing performances! Our 11am Jen cast performance has only 3 seats left but we have some more seats available for the 2pm Jim cast. So get in quick to secure your seat - we would hate for our ship to sail away without you!
Tickets www.wmtc.com.au/ Or stagecenta.com/showid/847..d/2642/BkShowBooking.aspx.

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