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Lumi res de Paris (Lights of Paris)

Wednesday, 1 May 2024 Laycock Street Community Theatre
Laycock Street Community Theatre

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Lumi res de Paris (Lights of Paris) - Morning Melodies

Like a magnet, over the centuries Paris has attracted and inspired some of the most famous composers, songwriters and artistes.

Lumi res de Paris is a new musical kaleidoscope featuring award winning entertainer Milko Foucault-Larche, accompanied by Parisian born Corrine Andrew and Australian soprano Emily Garth.

With a combination of opera, operetta, musicals and French variety, sit back and enjoy songs from Bizet to Offenbach, Piaf to Puccini, as well as music from the composers of Les Mis rables and more.
You can also expect French adaptations of international works that have become favourites with audiences around the world!

Wed 11 Sep - 11am

Tickets available via link below:

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