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ric Besnard

Friday, 10 May 2024 Avoca Beach Theatre
Avoca Beach Theatre

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ric Besnard, the creative force behind Delicious, whips up another tantalising story in this unexpected tale of bonding. Vincent (Lambert Wilson), a hyperactive and successful businessman, is the founder of the largest European dating site. Meanwhile, Pierre (Gr gory Gadebois, Delicious) lives the hermit life in seclusion in the mountains, with his dog for company.

When these two polar opposites cross paths, their encounter disrupts their lives and prompts questions about their radically different lifestyles.
Are they genuinely content? Set against a stunning alpine backdrop, this buddy comedy reveals a delightful odd-couple dynamic. Through fiery arguments, abundant grimaces, suppressed emotions, and shared omelettes, the two men discover that friendship can actually thrive through differences. Prepare to lose yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the French Alps, where laughter, friendship, and unexpected connections combine, leaving you yearning for more.

A Great Friend (Les Choses simples) screens from 23rd May as part of our French Film Festival.

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