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Frank Sultana Music

Saturday, 1 June 2024 Avoca Beach Theatre
Avoca Beach Theatre

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Frank Sultana Music - Revolution: A Night of Protest Songs LIVE CONCERT
Sat 17th Aug 7:30pm events.humanitix.com/fran..-a-night-of-protest-songs

Art is a mirror of our society.
Around the world and across time, songwriters have been influenced by the era in which they write. Like an artistic conscience pointing the finger at ourselves and our society. Perhaps this is best personified by the protest song.

War, civil rights, equality, and politics are timeless topics and through the last hundred years have inspired some of the finest, most loved and most iconic songs.
Songs that span generations, much like the topics that inspire them. Songs that tried to change the world for better and, in some ways, did.

Frank Sultana is an awarded and acclaimed Australian musician/singer songwriter.
Since his debut in 2011, he has been releasing his original blues music and touring both here and abroad, gaining accolades and success along the way.

In 2023 he travelled to Memphis Tennessee and in a field of 150 artists, he won the prestigious International Blues Challenge.
He is only the third Australian to do so in the event's 39 year history. On his return, he dominated the Sydney Blues Society Awards taking home 4 awards including best traditional blues, and artist of the year.

In Revolution! A Night of Protest Songs, Frank performs some of the most iconic and important protest songs of the 20th Century.
Stripped back and intimate, he tenderly honours the sentiments and powerful poetry of these timeless and still-poignant masterpieces:

Featuring songs by:
Neil Young
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Crosby Stills Nash and Young
John Lennon
Pete Seeger
The Pogues
Peter Gabriel, and much more.

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