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Chachy Penalver co

Tuesday, 2 July 2024 Laycock Street Community Theatre
Laycock Street Community Theatre

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Chachy Penalver co. presents Circe's Chords - Flamenco Dance Show!

Circe Chords brings together music, dance, and literature exposing the creation act as a living process onstage and transports the spectator to a realm of music and dance where passports are no longer needed.
This journey ignites vibrant conversations with the audience by showcasing the intriguing darker and brighter sides of human nature in all its extremities.

Featuring four renowned musicians, this show offers a unique Australian take on the ancient art form of Flamenco, immersing the ears in a tapestry of flamenco sounds, jazz, and Latin-American roots.
This is complemented by the dancing which builds a strong narrative vocalize d through powerfully loaded movement s and distinctive percussive footwork.

Inspired by the Greek mythical character Circe, this visually spectacular show invites you to reflect on the powerful feminine creative energy present within any flamenco composition, the ongoing conversation between dancers and musicians onstage, and the power of that dialogue to evoke both physical and emotional responses.

Saturday 14th September - 7pm

Tickets available via link below:

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