Salt House Creative - Sense & Sensibility
September 2023

Sense & Sensibility

Red Tree Theatre, Tuggerah

Presented by Salt House Creative
As appealing as it was in 1811, Sense and Sensibility is filled with romance, witty banter and heartbreaking tenderness.

September 2023 Tickets $27 to $35

by Jane Austen

8 actors take to the stage wearing theatre blacks and using a single prop.. a door.. to present Jane Austen's classic tale 'Sense & Sensibility'. This is a unique, fast-paced, and comically energetic interpretation of Austen's much-loved novel.

At the dawn of the Regency, two sisters, Elinor and Marianne, are thrust into poverty by their brother's scheming and manipulative wife.
Reduced to living with their mother in a tiny cottage, their prospects for marriage nearly ruined, the sisters are nevertheless courted by three dynamic men, each with a dark secret.

The shy and awkward Edward Ferrars wins Elinor's heart, neglecting to tell her he is already engaged to Lucy Steele, who unsuspectingly lets Elinor in on the devastating secret.
Colonel Brandon desperately loves Marianne, but his former attachment to the ill-fated Eliza and his old-fashioned habits fill Marianne with mistrust and disdain. Instead, Marianne, passionate and reckless, falls head-over-heels in love with the dashing Willoughby, only to be deserted when it is learned that Willoughby seduced Colonel Brandon's young ward and abandoned her with his child. Their hearts broken, Elinor and Marianne nearly give up on love until fate intervenes. In the midst of all is the outrageous Mrs. Jennings, whose gossip-mongering creates hilarious misunderstandings.

In Person
Romance, Comedy
19th Century

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September 2023 $27 to $35

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