The Full Monty


Welcome to "The Full Monty", an exhilarating journey of resilience and friendship. We're honored to be the exclusive Australian theatre company presenting this remarkable play, thanks to the gracious approval of writer Simon Beaufoy.

Our dedicated cast and crew have poured their hearts into this production, and we're thrilled to share their talent and hard work with you. Darren Disney's choreography adds an extra layer of magic to the show, bringing the characters' journeys to life through dance.

As you watch our characters evolve and form deep connections on stage, we hope you'll be moved and inspired by the enduring strength of the human spirit. Thank you for joining us on this unforgettable ride.

Enjoy the show
Content Warning | "The Full Monty" contains some adult material, nudity and course language. It is suitable for audiences 15 years and older.
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The Full Monty

The Full Monty!

In the heart of Sheffield, England, a group of unemployed steelworkers find themselves in dire straits, grappling with the grim realities of unemployment. Faced with financial woes, eroded self-esteem, and the societal pressure to conform to traditional notions of masculinity, these six men navigate the tumultuous waters of uncertainty.

However, in a moment of inspiration, they decide to embark on an unconventional journey towards financial salvation. Inspired by a chance encounter at a local strip club, they hatch a bold and daring plan to put on a burlesque show. Their aim: to shed not only their clothes but also the weight of societal expectations, and in doing so, rediscover their sense of self-worth and camaraderie.

As they prepare for their audacious performance, the characters confront their insecurities, vulnerabilities, and personal demons, forging a deep and enduring bond in the process. The journey becomes a touching exploration of friendship, self-discovery, and the resilience of the human spirit.

The Author's Story | Simon Beaufoy

Back in the mid-90s, I was unexpectedly kicking my heels in Sheffield. My girlfriend was in hospital and there wasn’t much to do in between visiting hours other than wander. It was a city literally being demolished in front of my eyes; there was a sort of grim theatricality to watching the wrecking ball take down another steel mill. Fifteen years of the Conservatives’ determination to allow heavy industry to collapse had left the north of England devastated. Men who had done the same job as their father and grandfather were now in a sort of shock, at a loss as to what to do with their lives, unsure of their place in the world.

The whole idea of male strippers wasn’t terribly interesting to me initially – the Chippendales were old news by then – until our astute producer, Uberto Pasolini, asked: “What’s happened to the British man that he’d take his clothes off for money? In Italy this would never happen!” Suddenly, everything clicked. I thought: what if we put it in the context of what was happening in Sheffield? What if we made taking your clothes off a metaphor for desperation, a loss of identity that working-class men from the steelworks had had stripped away from them by a government that appeared indifferent to the effects of their policies? Suddenly, we had comedy, politics and pathos all coalescing.

6 things you may not know about “The Full Monty”

Last-Minute Actor Changes: In the original 1997 film version of "The Full Monty," the role of Gerald, the character who tries to organise the striptease, was initially offered to actor Pete Postlethwaite. However, he turned it down, and the role eventually went to Tom Wilkinson, who delivered a stellar performance that became integral to the film's success.

Inspiration: Movie producer Uberto Pasolini came up with the concept after watching the 1991 Ken Loach film Riff-Raff (also starring Carlyle) and wondered what the characters would do at the end of that movie for money. Pasolini approached Simon Nye, the creator of the sitcom Men Behaving Badly, to be the film’s writer, who wasn't interested. Simon Beaufoy was then asked to create a draft script.

Authentic Auditions: The film's director, Peter Cattaneo, held auditions for the actors without telling them what the film was about. When the actors were finally informed, their genuine surprise and reactions were captured on camera, adding an authentic layer to the film's early scenes where the characters are learning to strip.

Impromptu Dancing: Robert Carlyle, who played the lead role of Gaz in the film, improvised most of his dance moves during the iconic "Sexy Thing" striptease scene. His unchoreographed, enthusiastic dancing became one of the most memorable moments in the film.

Transatlantic Success: "The Full Monty" found immense success not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States. It became the highest-grossing British film in the U.S. at the time of its release, breaking the common perception that British humour might not translate well across the Atlantic. This international success helped pave the way for the play and musical adaptations that followed.

Origin of the Saying "Full Monty": The Monty in "the full Monty" refers to Field Marshal Montgomery (service 1908–1958), who insisted on his troops eating a full English breakfast every day. Soldiers serving under Montgomery named a full breakfast after him, and subsequently anything done to the full extent was a "full Monty."

The Author

Simon Beaufoy

Playwright | Simon Beaufoy

Simon Beaufoy, born November 6, 1967, in Keighley, West Yorkshire, is renowned as the playwright and author behind the iconic "The Full Monty." Released in 1997, this cinematic gem earned Beaufoy an Academy Award nomination for its heartwarming depiction of camaraderie amid economic struggle. Notably, he achieved further acclaim with his screenplay for "Slumdog Millionaire", a film that clinched eight Academy Awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay. Beaufoy's narrative finesse, blending humor, heart, and authenticity, has made him a luminary in theatre and cinema. His storytelling legacy, exemplified by "The Full Monty", continues to inspire, reminding us of the enduring impact of a well-crafted tale.

The Full Monty
Feature Cocktail | Don't forget to grab a special "Full Monty" cocktail in the bar. Champion!

Creative Team

Howard Oxley

Director | Howard Oxley

Howard, with four decades of membership and two decades as Wyong Drama Group President, is a stalwart in the Australian entertainment scene. Renowned for his uproarious comedies, he's most celebrated for the 9-episode Basil Fawlty series and his portrayal of Renee in "Allo Allo". Currently relishing a fulfilling career as a director, Howard counts himself fortunate to collaborate with an exceptional team for "The Full Monty". His partnership with Debbi Clarke promises an unforgettable "night out" experience for all.

Debbi Clarke

Director | Debbi Clarke

Debbi's passion for community theatre ignited at the age of 15, leading to a prolific presence in productions for Wyong Drama Group and Gosford Musical Society since 1997. Her journey took a new turn last year as she stepped into the role of Assistant-Director for the immensely successful "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Wyong Drama Group. The invitation to co-Direct "The Full Monty" alongside Howard thrilled her, and she's cherished every moment with this remarkable cast. With a favourite role in "The Calendar Girls" under her belt, Debbi revels in witnessing the cast shed inhibitions and embrace the exhilarating challenge of baring it all on stage. She hopes you do too!

Darren Disney

Choreographer | Darren Disney

Darren, the original Dein Perry Tap Dog, is a global sensation, gracing stages worldwide and appearing on hit shows like Ellen and the Jay Leno Show. His talent shines in top-tier productions like "42nd Street", "Me & My Girl", and "Mack & Mabel in Concert". He's shared the stage with luminaries like Caroline O'Connor, Tina Arena, Melissa, and C+C Music Factory, and collaborated with groups such as the Gimmie Five Dance Group and Belinda Carlisle. Darren's dance journey began at seven, training under Les Griffith and Tessa Maunder in Newcastle, Australia. He now owns D3 Darren Disney Dance Studio, fostering future stars and offering Tap and Jazz training as a Glenn Wood Tap examiner with nationwide choreography workshops.

Emmakate De Henau

Choreographer | Emmakate De Henau

Emmakate, a dance and musical theatre enthusiast from the start, has embraced her passion with remarkable dedication. As a cherished life member of Gosford Musical Society, she's graced the stage in 27 productions and skillfully choreographed 14, including hits like "Crazy For You", "Seussical the Musical", "Honk", "Little Abner" and "The Pajama Game". Her talent extends to directing with successful productions of "Anything Goes" and "Annie Get Your Gun". This year, Emmakate brought her choreographic expertise to "The Drowsy Chaperone" and dazzled audiences in "Spamalot". With over 25 years at D3 Darren Disney Dance, she's mastered tap, jazz, hip hop, and ballet. "The Full Monty" marks her choreographic debut with Wyong Drama Group, cementing her artistic journey.

The Full Monty


In Order of Appearance

Max Dunning

Nathan | Max Dunning

With a stage debut at age 4, Max honed his craft under London West End's Hayley Jayne Langwith and US Rock Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin. A 2021 National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) Acting Bootcamp student, Max's roles span Pugsley Addams, Gomez Addams, and Gavroche in esteemed productions like "Les Misérables" and "The Addams Family Musical". Notably, Max's professional journey commenced with Opera Australia's "The Barber of Seville" in 2022. His portfolio includes captivating performances in various plays and musicals with Gosford Musical Society, Central Coast Grammar School, and Uniting Productions. Max's multifaceted talents even extended to dance captaincy with CCGS Dance and Studio-M.

Gerard Dunning

Gaz | Gerard Dunning

Gerard's theatrical journey began in New Zealand, landing ensemble roles in "The Wizard of Oz" and "Oliver" during the late 70s. He rose to prominence as Will Parker in "Oklahoma" and starred in "Show Boat", "West Side Story" and "Evita". With a Trinity College (London) Performing Arts Associate Diploma, he charmed audiences on Central Coast stages for various renowned theatre groups from "Picasso at Lapin Agile" to "Chicago", "42nd Street" and "Les Misérables". As a distinguished media producer and commercial voice actor for over three decades, his captivating voice has reached audiences across the globe.

Gavin Fryer

Dave | Gavin Fryer

Gavin, a seasoned performer with Wyong Drama Group, returns for his third production following successful runs in "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Ladies Day". He's showcased his talent in eight musical productions since 2017 and excels in impromptu character work, frequently assisting psychology students as a client. In 2017, at his son's urging, Gavin graced the stage for the first time in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", reigniting a long-dormant passion. Gavin eagerly anticipates sharing this compelling story with you, hoping you'll relish it as much as the cast have enjoyed crafting it.

Steve Burchill

Lomper | Steve Burchill

After a significant hiatus, Steve has triumphantly returned to the stage this year, fully immersing himself in the vibrant Central Coast theater scene. He recently graced the Wyong Musical Theatre Company's stage as the suave Latin lothario, Aldolfo, in "The Drowsy Chaperone", and also brought to life the detestable Franklin Hart Jnr in Gosford Musical Theatre's "9 to 5 the Musical", Steve's enthusiasm continues as he gears up to perform as Lomper with the Wyong Drama Group in this production of "The Full Monty". Infused with British humor and wit, Steve draws on his homeland upbringing to authentically portray Simon Beaufoy's script and characters, promising an engaging theatrical experience.

Rebecca Flint

Mandy | Rebecca Flint

Rebecca is a versatile and captivating talent in the world of theatre and television. In 2021, she mesmerised audiences as Claudia in "Birthrights", a remarkable performance that showcased her incredible range and depth as an actor. The following year, Rebecca brought Yvette the maid to life in "Clue: On Stage" earning accolades for her comedic timing and stage presence. In 2023, she portrayed the complex character of Jan in "Ladies Day", solidifying her reputation as a powerhouse performer. Most recently, Rebecca graced our screens in the hit TV series "Bump" on the Stan Network, leaving a lasting impression with her exceptional acting prowess. Her talent continues to shine brightly on both stage and screen.

Stuart Mortimer

Barry & Alan | Stuart Mortimer

Stuart, with a remarkable 35-year journey in Central Coast theatre, is a stalwart of the Wyong Drama Group. His latest triumph was as Mr. Green in the hit production "Clue: On Stage" and a spirited performance in the Central Coast Scouts and Guides Gang Show. Stuart's dedication to "The Full Monty" has persisted since its initial, pandemic-interrupted attempt, and he's thrilled to see this uproarious play finally take the stage. While he humorously assures us he won't be stripping per his "contract", he embraces the delightful challenge of portraying multiple characters across various roles in this dynamic production. Stuart's passion for the stage is undeniable, and his talent shines bright.

Stephanie Burton

Jean | Stephanie Burton

Stephanie, a dedicated theater enthusiast, has been a vital presence in Central Coast theater since 2004. She has graced the stage in various memorable productions, including "Strictly Ballroom" with Gosford Musical Society and standout performances in "Carrie", "Ghost", and "Grease" with Palm Trees Studios. Her portrayal of Miss Maudie in Wyong Drama Group's "To Kill a Mockingbird" earlier this year garnered acclaim. Presently, Stephanie relishes her role as Jean and eagerly anticipates future productions. With an unwavering passion for the stage, she aspires to continue delighting audiences with her remarkable talent in the years to come.

Donna Cromer

Sharon & Annie | Donna Cromer

Donna has appeared in various local productions since 2006, with roles including The Wicked Witch in "The Wizard Of Oz", Mrs Meers in "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and Mrs Sowerberry in "Oliver" with Wyong Musical Theatre Company. This is the third time for Donna on the Red Tree stage, the first being "The Wedding Singer" and most recently this year in "Two Weeks With The Queen". Donna is enjoying the challenge of playing various characters in this wonderful production and is loving working with such a talented and charming cast and creative team. Hellfire, it will be worth a look!

Robert Stephen

Alf | Robert Stephen

Robert's remarkable journey spans law and the arts. Starting with the Canberra Repertory Society in the late 70s, he shone in productions like "The Sunny South", "Godspell", "Romeo and Juliet" and "Yamashita". His passion led him to stage management and a range of acting courses. He ventured into the screen with appearances in "Phar Lap" and "Bodyline". In the mid-80s Robert refined his skills at the Sydney Acting School under Gillian Owen. However, his legal prowess emerged, and he became a barrister in 1988, practicing in various courts. He later added solicitor to his repertoire and continues his legal career, even as he takes the stage as part of "The Full Monty" cast, a testament to his enduring dedication to both worlds.

James Chambers

Gerald | James Chambers

James is a seasoned theater enthusiast deeply involved with various Central Coast theater groups, leaving his mark in theater festivals and numerous productions. With the Wyong Drama Group, he's portrayed a suspicious doctor in Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None", a spirited miner in "Brassed Off", a cutthroat property developer in "Birth Rights", and most recently, the spectral presence of a deceased bookie in "Ladies Day". Whether it's on stage, behind the scenes, welcoming guests, or constructing sets, James embraces every facet of theater. He eagerly presents his rendition of Gerald in this production of "The Full Monty" and hopes you relish the performance.

Lynn McMullen

Linda | Lynn McMullen

Lynn, a dedicated member of Wyong Drama Group for four years, initially joined to contribute her artistic talents to set painting. Over time, her backstage journey saw her excel as an assistant stage manager, prop creator, and dresser. Lynn's acting prowess shone in "The Pram" at a One Act drama festival and as an ensemble member in "To Kill a Mockingbird". Her dedication came full circle when she finally fulfilled her passion for set painting. Lynn is elated to be part of the talented team bringing "The Full Monty" to life at the Red Tree Theatre.

Duncan Mitchell

Horse | Duncan Mitchell

With 26 years as a dedicated Wyong Drama Group member, Duncan is a seasoned performer known for his fearlessness on stage. His willingness to strip down to his boxers was legendary, and though a few years have passed, his shamelessness endures. Duncan's latest role as "Man in Chair" with Wyong Musical Theatre Company in "The Drowsy Chaperone" showcased his talent, and he was thrilled that his character "Horse" has fewer lines. His impressive skills earned him the Best Actor award at Port Macquarie Players Theatrefest for "One Crowded Hour." Get ready for a dose of humor as Duncan "Horse-s" around in "The Full Monty".

Matthew Maroney

Guy | Matthew Maroney

Matthew, a seasoned actor, has graced the stage in acclaimed productions such as "Catch 22," where his comedic brilliance shone. He showcased his versatility in the timeless classic "Oliver", and in "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui", his powerful performance left a lasting impression. Taking the spotlight as Guy in "The Full Monty" with a unique talent, earning him the affectionate nickname "The Lunchbox", adds intrigue to his character. Matthew's unwavering dedication to his craft resonates in every role, making him a captivating presence in the theatre community.

The Full Monty

Production Team

Stage Manager
Robert Stephen
Costume Design
Debbi Clarke
Set Design
Howard Oxley
Dance Captain
Gavin Fryer
Dialect Coach
Lynn McMullen
John Czernecki
Joshua Maxwell
Shayne Leslie
Graphic Design & Programme
Gerard Dunning
Gavin Fryer
WDG Web Site
Andy Kabanoff
Box Office
Joshua Maxwell
The Full Monty


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The Full Monty Merchandise
The Full Monty

Yorkshire | The Decline of Steel

The decline of the steel industry in Yorkshire during the 1990s significantly reshaped the region's economic landscape, leading to job losses and economic challenges. It compelled Yorkshire to explore new avenues for growth and development as it adapted to the changing economic realities of the era.

Communities that had long depended on the steel industry for employment and stability were suddenly thrust into transition. High unemployment led to social and economic challenges as these communities grappled with the loss of their primary source of livelihood.

The government, both at the national and local levels, introduced various initiatives aimed at mitigating unemployment. These initiatives included job retraining programs, financial support, and investment in new industries. The success of these efforts varied across different areas and among individuals. Some communities and workers successfully transitioned to new industries, finding employment in fields unrelated to steel. However, for others, reemployment remained a significant challenge, as their skills and experience did not readily translate to the emerging sectors.

The Full Monty

Giv’ us a Gander | The Local Lingo

The Yorkshire accent is a wonderful thing and can be confusing to outsiders. You could spend years in a town and then when you move a few miles down the road you’ll find that these Yorkshire folk use a whole host of different phrases to where you’ve just been. There are some similarities between Yorkshire accents, but despite the differences, the language is just as beautiful.

Friendliness and politeness are heavily implied. Anyone can be called "LOVE", "M’LOVE" "PAL" or "FELLA", it’s one of the things that makes Yorkshire folk seem so friendly. Any compliment given is laced with true and deep feeling – otherwise you wouldn’t get one.

Some Common Sayings from "The Full Monty"

Be Reyt | A response to when things are going wrong   Bog | Off to the toilet   Chuffin’ | The Yorkshire way of using the F-word without using it   Divvy | You are very foolish   Ey up | The Yorkshire greeting   Gander | To have a look for something   Hell Fire | Oh my God   Kegs | Trousers   Mithering | Annoying or bothering   Nowt / Owt | Nowt means nothing and owt means anything   Ow Much | The Yorkshire cry when something is expensive   Summat | Something   Sup | What is wrong with you   Ta’ra | See you later

The Full Monty
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Founded on the principles of community, collaboration, and artistic innovation, Wyong Drama Group has remained committed to providing a platform for local talent to shine. Our dedication to nurturing emerging artists while engaging seasoned professionals has been the cornerstone of our success.

In each production, we strive to transport audiences to new worlds, evoke powerful emotions, and inspire a love for the performing arts. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and our mission is clear: to ignite the stage with storytelling that leaves a lasting impact.

As we continue our journey in the world of theatre, we invite you to join us for an exciting season of entertainment that promises to be a testament to our enduring dedication to the arts. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to sharing the magic of the stage with you.

Executive Committee

President | Howard Oxley
Vice President | Lynn McMullen
Secretary | Pollyanna Forshaw
Treasurer | John Czerniecki
Debbi Clarke
Andy Kabanoff
Liz Munro
The Full Monty
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The Full Monty

Digital Programme

It seems to be the evolving trend in theatre. The days when you had to purchase a souvenir program in order to learn more about the show are quickly disappearing. We wanted everyone to have the opportunity to get the "Fuller Monty" in a format you can share, with more interactivity and richer content. Your feedback is valued and we'd love to hear what you think of it.

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The Full Monty

Still With Us?

Some final thoughts

The characters in "The Full Monty" remind us that life is full of challenges, and sometimes, the path to triumph is anything but conventional. Just as these characters strip away their insecurities, societal expectations, and self-doubt, they uncover the raw, unfiltered truth of who they are. In doing so, they find their own unique power.

This story resonates deeply in today's world, where we're constantly bombarded with images of perfection, often creating unrealistic expectations and deep-seated insecurities. "The Full Monty" challenges us to confront these insecurities head-on, to unapologetically be ourselves, and to find strength in our vulnerabilities.

Stripping on Stage

In the world of theatre, actors often face countless challenges, from mastering complex scripts to embodying diverse characters. But for those who dare to bare it all on stage, the challenge takes on a whole new level of vulnerability and courage.

Stripping on stage isn't just about shedding layers of clothing; it's a profound act of artistic expression, a captivating dance between actors and their audience. These brave thespians tackle not only the physical demands of the performance but also the emotional journey that comes with it.

As they shed their inhibitions along with their costumes, these actors become a living testament to the power of art and the human spirit. It's a reminder that in the world of theatre, boundaries are meant to be pushed, taboos are meant to be shattered, and the courage of performers knows no bounds.

So, next time you see an actor bravely baring it all under the spotlight, remember that they're not just disrobing; they're revealing a piece of their soul, and that's a truly remarkable feat in the world of entertainment.