Central Coast Theatre
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19 March

19 March

Jopuka Productions

These guys are not only brilliant storytellers but lovely people. Our Artistic Director got to know them while he was working at Adelaide Fringe this year. Their current tour has been cancelled but when they come back in the future we encourage everyone to get along to see them.

Listen to this and youll see why. In our last days in Aus we ended up with some unexpected days off before hurried-booked flights. A final dinner before heading away and we challenged ourselves to write a song.

So heres a video after a few hours work If Destroyed Still True written by the three of us. There were gonna be many more dates on this tour. And those dates will still happen, theyll just come later.

For now, Australia, youve been a blast look after yourselves and well see you next time. Big love. Phil Grainger Jamie MacDowell Alexander G Flanagan-Wright.

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