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26 June

26 June

Sounds of Musical Theatre

LLOYD WEBBER DETERMINED TO RE-OPEN WEST END THEATRES:. Andrew Lloyd Webber is on a mission to find a way to reopen theatres in London. The legendary composer said that he is going to run a series of reopening tests at the London Palladium in July.

West End theatres are still shut down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The new health and safety measures have been inspired by the success of The Phantom of the Opera in South Korea. Its really the local producers who have done the extraordinary work, Lloyd Webber said of South Koreas open productions.

The key thing that they have is incredibly good hygiene in every single possible way, both backstage for the cast and the crew and the orchestra but also for people in the front of the house. The whole point is to try and make people feel as safe and secure as they possibly can. The safety measures in South Korea include thermal imaging cameras at both the stage door and front of house entrances.

They can absolutely identify if anybody has a temperature extremely quickly. For my test, weve ordered all of that. Weve ordered hygienic silver ion door handle covers.

Apparently, these are completely effective against pathogens like coronavirus. Everybody going into the theatre is fobbed with the antiviral chemical, and the theater itself is fobbed after every performance. Theres no social distancing because its impossible in the theatre.

What I hope to do is to be able to demonstrate to the government what happened in Korea at the London Palladium, hopefully in the first week of July. .

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