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3 September

3 September

Jopuka Productions

Public Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting. Jopuka Productions Inc (ABN:53 384 282 407) will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on September 27th at 7:30pm digitally via Zoom, to,. i) Ratify the new constitution of the organisation.

ii) Elect or ratify a new board of directors under the terms of the new constitution. iii) Ratify the appointment of 15 young people to the Youth Advisory Panel. Board Application forms, and information packs will be posted September 7th at 9am.

Applications must be submitted by Monday 21st at 5pm. Successful applicants under the terms of the constitutions will be notified by Thursday 24th. If more applicants than positions available are successful, an election will take place.

All are invited to attend but you must be a full financial or life member to vote. The proposed new constitution will be on display via our website from September 7th. For more information please email [email protected] .

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