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The Final Test

Woy Woy Little Theatre

Showing at The Peninsula Theatre

Saturday, 29 Feb, 8:00pm

Presented by Woy Woy Little Theatre. A poignant comedy traversing all the issues that marriages face these days.

Woy Woy Little Theatre

Communication and listening skills, the impact of children, the strange lure of cricket, buying real estate and the joys of moving house .. oh, on that last one, what if the previous owner hadn?t moved out by the time you arrived?

In fact, what if that former resident simply refused to move out by simply planting themselves in the middle of your new garden and firmly digging their heels and the legs of the deck chair?

Buying a new house can be exciting.
But how would you feel if on the day you get the keys and move in you find the previous owner refusing to leave your garden?

This funny and heartfelt modern tale introduces us to Ray and Susan, a young couple thrilled to be moving into their first home having just taken ownership of the keys.
Clearly an exciting time, a home with future possibilities of family, a home ready to take in their new furniture and a home still harbouring the previous owner in the backyard, firmly planted in his deck chair listening to the cricket, refusing to leave as he wonders where his wife went.

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