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5 February

5 February

Sounds of Musical Theatre

INTIMATE & MOVING VERBATIM THEATRE Verbatim: in exactly the same words as were used originally. On a bare stage ringed by microphones, actors step forward to speak as one of the 18 characters of Grace Under Pressure. They let you in on their personal stories of fatigue, extreme overwork, stress, sensitive cases, harassment, bullying, and the roller-coaster of the strictly hierarchical hospital system.

Theatre comes in many different styles, performed in infinitely different ways, and at The Art House were committed to showcasing art that people dont always get to experience. Grace Under Pressure asks the daring questions, speaks to all emotions, and is one of those pieces to remember. The Art House Presents GRACE UNDER PRESSURE Tuesday 31 March 8PM Wednesday 1 April 10AM & 8PM Directed with beautiful sensitivity and grace by David Williams, Grace Under Pressure is theatre that spreads awareness as a step toward change.

Grace Under Pressure should be seen widely, so that what is often just news becomes knowledge, becomes action. Keith Gallasch, RealTime Recommended for ages 14 years and over.

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