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5 March

5 March

Sounds of Musical Theatre

We had the right to do what we needed to in the interest of our own happiness Juliet Hulme. In 1954 the population of Christchurch was roughly the same as 1954 Newcastle, just a big country town on its way to becoming a small city. Then on July 22 two young schoolgirls, only 15 and 16, put half a brick in a stocking and smashed the head of one of their mothers 45 times.

A thrilling true crime and courtroom drama, the award-winning play, Daughters of Heaven, brings the infamous love story of two teenage girls and their horrific crime from 1954 conservative Christchurch to the Newcastle stage. Peter Jacksons widely praised film adaptation Heavenly Creatures (1994) launched both his career and that of Kate Winslet and is still a cult favourite around the world. Michelanne Forsters 1991 award-winning play Daughters of Heaven predates the film and focuses on the passionate friendship between the two girls and how their fantasies and obsessive love led ultimately to bloody matricide.

The girls commitment to murdering one of their own mothers continues to fascinate and shock us to this day. Opens Friday March 13 for three weekends. Newcastle Theatre Company .

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