Central Coast Theatre
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8 March

8 March

Jopuka Productions

To The Woman By Danielle Brame Whiting. To the Woman who cries. To the Woman who screams high.

To the rarest of Woman who takes some me-time. To the Woman who snorts when the laughter takes hold. To the Woman who jumps up and runs straight into the fold.

To the Woman who cradles a child in her arms and brings calm at a time when she likely feels none. To the Woman who smiles to hide the worries, the unkind words she has hurled at herself though the day. To the Woman demanding equal pay.

Equal time. Equal value. Equal voice.

And to the men who would support her choice. To all the Women who came before. The open doors Fresh lain floors Worn out ladder rungs To all the beautiful sisters, daughters, grandmothers and mums.

To all of you we raise a glass. Strong Women today moving through all thats passed. We recognise your worth.

Your invaluable contribution. Your irreplaceable role in lifes constitution. And to those Women in our theatrical camp We ask you to continue to value your voices.

To keep raising them up, To yell profanely and humanely when something is wrong. To dance wildly and sing with utter joy, I am Woman. Happy International Womens Day #EachforEqual .

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