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29 April

29 April

Sounds of Musical Theatre

FLASH Playreads 7:30 pm 6 May. Thank you to all of you who joined in Woy Woy Little Theatres opening night of FLASH Playreads. It was great to have participants join in who ranged in age from about 20 to over 90 years old.

Special thanks to the cast of our first FLASH Playread, Rinse the Blood Off My Toga. The cast took us back (sort-of) to 44BC, to the murder of Julius Caesar. Andrew Thomson read the Private Roman Eye, Flavius Maximus who solved the who-dun-it, Graham Vale read the bad-guy, Brutus, Chris Cherry read Caesars mourning (or was that moaning) wife, Calpurnia, and Steve Pembroke was the everyman who read Cassius, Mark Antony, Claudius the bartender, and more with props.

Glad it was fun. From now on, we plan to present a few playreads every second Wednesday. This will start from Wednesday 6 May at 7:30 pm.

The program is made up of three short plays by Alex Broun that were originally going to be part of the 2020 FLASH Festival. Saturday Night Newtown, Sunday Morning Enmore, directed by Gordon Crawford, with the cast of Jake Cain-Roser as Matthew and Jess Curtis as Claire. 10,000 Cigarettes, directed by Nicky Prescott, with the cast of Yvonne Berry-Porter Larimore as Gloria 1, Gail Phillips as Gloria 2, Liane Porter as Gloria 3 and Vicki Sidoti as Gloria 4.

Cate Blanchett Wants to Be My Friend on Facebook, directed by Terry Collins, with the cast of Martin Markotsis as Barry, Michael Sheather as Morris, Stef Dobb as Sarah, and Julie Black as Cate. So, please join in on Wednesday 6 May. Ill send you the link early next week.

Now, were looking for the next batch of plays to read. What are we looking for? Short scripts mainly focused on the audio With humour Have small casts Could be part of a larger script or a classic sketch or radio play, such as Whos on First Base? Wed love you to nominate and provide a script for consideration, and send it to [email protected]. As discussed on opening night, well rotate roles for those of you who would like to act or direct over the next few weeks.

The role of the director is to: Modify the script (if necessary) to ensure it makes sense as a radio play so it is not dependent on visual interactions between the characters, but perhaps has sound or other special effects Discuss the characters and plot for the play with the cast Direct the virtual rehearsal/s Have the cast organised so they are ready for performance. The role of the actors is to: Collaborate with the director about the play and characters Practise reading through the script a few times to prepare for the virtual rehearsal/s Rehearse virtually Perform the playread. So please join us again, or for the first time on Wednesday 6 May for FLASH Playreads.

To do so, contact Christine at this email address: [email protected] asking to be sent the invitation and dont forget to say whether you want to direct, act or listen in the audience. .

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