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7 May

7 May

Sounds of Musical Theatre

TUNE IN TO ENSEMBLE THEATRE CONVERSATIONS WITH AUSTRALIAN ACTOR BEN WOOD Sydney: Ensemble Theatre has announced the latest Ensemble Conversations for people to stay connected to the theatre during this period of isolation. This week you can hear Australian actor, Ben Wood. Ben Wood will be playing Kenny, in the Jacobson Brothers play of the same name.

Kenny is the fearless Aussie plumber and eternal optimist who looks for the best in every situation. The play has been adapted for the stage by Steve Rodgers. Led by Ensemble Theatres Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry, each week people can tune in on Facebook for Ensemble Theatres latest news and a glimpse behind the scenes.

Ensemble Conversations features interviews with actors and creatives, exclusive scene reads, interactive Q&A sessions and more. Ensemble Ambassadors Georgie Parker, Todd McKenney, Kate Raison and Brian Meegan, writer Melanie Tait and director Priscilla Jackman were the first to start the brand new series answering questions about the world of theatre and television. Stay connected and join our online conversation.

#ensemblesydney This weeks conversation with Ben Wood gives us an insight into the character of Kenny, which he will play when we open our doors again. We are working hard on developing our 2021 Season which is set to feature plays which you may have missed this year said Mark Kilmurry. To tune in to Ensemble Conversations please follow us on Facebook @ensembletheatre www.facebook.com/ensembletheatre/videos/541645753442568/ Click to view: Todd McKenney A Broadcast Coup Georgie Parker Q&A Kate Raison and Brian Meegan Caption: Ben Wood by Prudence Upton.

Ensemble Conversations is produced in partnership with Damn Good Productions. FURTHER INFORMATION please contact: Susanne Briggs 0412 268 320 or [email protected] This week on Ensemble Conversations the hilarious Ben Wood joins our Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry to chat about KENNY the stage adaptation of the Jacobson Brothers much-loved film. In this strange time where toilet paper is a rare commodity, were sure this larger than life character would have plenty to say, whether its giving sanitation advice or keeping up Aussie spirits.

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