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12 June

12 June

Sounds of Musical Theatre

Broadway on Demand has announced their next streaming production Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic. This is an original play written by New York-based playwright Matt Cox. It is based on the Harry Potter series by J.

K. Rowling written in the 1990s, following the adventures of a wizard boy named Harry Potter, his friends, and life at the fictional magic school, Hogwarts. Only in this story, Harry is but merely a side character.

This story focuses on the Puffs, a group of students who were there too but were only seen as unwanted students. But together, the Puffs gather their few strengths in the time of need. You have to purchase a ticket to view this production, to be streamed once only and you have to watch in real time.

Broadway On-Demand devices include iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Roku and coming soon to Android, Chromecast and Amazon FireTV. Download the Broadway on Demand app or watch on your computer or smartphone. Then, tune in and watch live at 7pm EST (USA) Sunday night June 14 (@ 9am Monday June 15 EST (Oz).


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