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6 July

6 July

Stage Whispers

Competition Thanks to Coral Drouyn for another musical theatre based story-telling competition. Tell a story using ONLY song titles from musicals (at least 10). They can only be joined together by coordinating conjunctions For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So (FANBOYS how appropriate) Example I feel pretty AND I enjoy being a girl, BUT theres gotta be something better than this, the other side of the tracks OR somewhere over the rainbow, if I were a rich man.

I am what I am BUT soon its gonna rain, SO who can I turn to? Let me entertain you, tomorrow. Thats 11. The fewer conjunctions you use, the more points, but you must use the CORRECT titles.

Enter on our Facebook page before July 20. Coral will select the winner. The winner will receive a DVD from our subscriptions page.

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