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25 August

25 August

Sounds of Musical Theatre

A US performer has started a whole new passion project recreating iconic theatre designs from Lego. Henry Lee, currently based at Western Michigan University, created a new series of miniature replicas of iconic stage shows, from Soutra Gilmours new version of Evita from 2019 through to classics such as Eugene Lees original 1979 Sweeney Todd. I started Lego Broadway Sets in early May mostly as a personal project that brought the theatre to me during a time when it felt as though audiences and artists alike would likely not experience a theatrical space in a long time, said Lee.

Although Im first and foremost an actor/singer, and am currently a BFA Music Theatre Performance student at Western Michigan University, Ive always had my fingers in every theatrical pot, so to speak, and I really wanted to explore how I could share my love of the uniquely ephemeral experience that is a play living in a theatrical space whilst being in lockdown/quarantine. .

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