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10 September

10 September

Central Coast Art Society

Today 10 September is R U OK Day Today 10 September is R U OK Day, and we want to ask: how are you going? Were keeping our friends in Melbourne, our elderly and our immunocompromised folks in mind, and all those going through a tough time. Dont be afraid to reach out for help, you are not alone. A conversation could change a life.

#BarbaraBlackman and #JudithWright, both poets, met in a Brisbane literary group. Barbara experienced poor sight from her early twenties, while Judith experienced hearing loss from her mid-twenties. From 1950, they kept up a lively and intimate correspondence that would span five decades.

In one 1975 missive, Barbara mused: Life is full of firsts and lasts some we are aware of, some not. Twenty-five years later at the National Portrait Gallery, the presentation of Barbaras husband #CharlesBlackmans portrait of Judith with her husband and daughter The Family would be the setting for their last meeting. Read more about their friendship in #AustralianLoveStories over on our website: bit.ly/32d6e73.

#RUOKDay #RUOK #PortraitAu #NationalPortraitGallery #NPG.

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