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14 October

14 October

Central Coast Conservatorium of Music

Being 7 months into a pandemic that has changed life as we know it here in Australia, parents are faced with constant decisions on what is safe, what is healthy, what is beneficial in this quickly changing landscape. Thankfully the choice of enrolling children in music lessons this term is an easy one. In what we consider normal circumstance music education has been proven over and over to have incredible results for children.

In times of crisis and challenges like we have experienced this year, the simple act of learning an instrument, singing, reading music, the routine of practice, learning how to be part of a group ensemble, the confidence that comes with growing a skill are quietly powerful tools. Over the past several years there has been a focus on how important music education is to childrens developing brains. Dr Anita Collins at Bigger Better Brains explains it succinctly here: youtu.be/LVTo10QuzyE Childrens Music Program classes start next Monday 19th October.

Information and enrol here: centralcoastconservatorium.com.au/children-music-program Or speak to one of our staff, phone 4324 7477 .

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