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11 November

11 November

Central Coast Art Society

Lest We Forget This deftly painted work by Arthur Streeton depicts the aftermath of one of the most significant campaigns during World War I, when Australian and British troops recaptured the hilltop village of Villers-Bretonneux. As an official war artist, and after serving as an orderly in the Royal Army Medical Corps, Streeton visited Villers-Bretonneux after the fact. He made several drawings which were later reworked into this painting arguably his most visceral and impactful wartime image.

Streeton has painted Villers-Bretonneux the way he imagined it looked the morning after the offensive that recaptured the village: a calm and tranquil scene disturbed by a corpses leg slung over a trench, medics carrying a wounded soldier on a stretcher and smouldering ruins in the distance. Artwork: Arthur #Streeton Villers-Bretonneux 1918. Art Gallery of NSW, purchased 1920.

#RemembranceDay #LestWeForget.

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