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2 April

2 April

Sounds of Musical Theatre

WINTER FOR BROADWAY: Winter is coming to Broadway. George R.R. Martins acclaimed Game of Thrones series is getting the stage treatment by playwright Duncan MacMillan and director Dominic Cooke, who is working in coordination with Martin.

The production is currently in development and aiming for a 2023 stage debut. The play will take audiences deeper behind the scenes of the landmark franchise and feature many of the most iconic and well-known characters from the series. Centering on love, vengeance, madness and the dangers of dealing in prophecy, the production will reveal secrets and lies that have only been hinted at until now.

The seeds of war are often planted in times of peace. Few in Westeros knew the carnage to come when highborn and smallfolk alike gathered at Harrenhal to watch the finest knights of the realm compete in a great tourney, during the Year of the False Spring. It is a tourney oft referred during HBOs Game of Thrones, and in my novels, A Song of Ice & Fire and now, at last, we can tell the whole story on the stage, said Martin in a statement.

Our dream is to bring Westeros to Broadway, to the West End, to Australia and eventually, to a stage near you. It ought to be spectacular. MacMillan is an award-winning playwright whose Lungs recently had a starry West End revival featuring The Crowns Matt Smith and Claire Foy.

Cooke is known for helming the production of Follies at the National Theatre, which was nominated for 10 Olivier Awards. More information, including casting, to be announced.

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