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27 April

27 April

Sounds of Musical Theatre

JEREMY DYSON & ANDY NYMANS HIT HORROR GHOST STORIES LANDS IN MELBOURNE This October, horror hit and global phenomenon Ghost Stories will play at Melbournes Athenaeum Theatre for a strictly limited 8 week season. Ghost Stories will terrify the theatres stalls as Professor of Parapsychology Phillip Goodman recites the three mysterious cases he encountered during his research that he just cannot explain. The play is being presented in Australia by Melbourne-based Realscape Productions, with this being the first time the original West End production will take the stage in Australia.

You havent experienced horror until youve seen it live on stage, said Nathan Alexander, producer at Realscape Productions. The show is thrilling, chilling and we couldnt be more excited for Australia to experience the rollercoaster that is Ghost Stories. Little can be revealed about the performances plot in order to keep the audience on edge, but writers Jeremy Dyson (The League of Gentlemen) and Andy Nyman (Derren Brown TV and live shows, Peaky Blinders) promise to have the audience jumping out of their seats.

If people are paying their hard-earned money to see the show, we have a responsibility to give them more than they pay for, commented Dyson, who also directed the play alongside Sean Holmes and Nyman. We knew that we wanted to craft a play that would deliver something of substance to an audience, soame solid ground underneath the fun, that would leave a deeper, darker residue and be harder to shake off, said Dyson and Nyman. Realscape Productions has a penchant for presenting the macabre, with a vision to present works that appeal to those outside of the usual theatre audience.

Ghost Stories will be the first on-stage theatre production for the team, who usually lure audiences into warehouses and shipping containers. Our mission is to present events and theatre experiences that arent typically offered here in Australia. When we first presented Darkfield it was completely different to anything anyone had experienced before, with 360 degree audio in total darkness, commented Amy Johnson, producer at Realscape Productions.

Ghost Stories will have the same impact, theres nothing else on stage like it. The jump scares of a horror movie, the narrative of a psychological thriller and the incredible calibre of stagecraft that comes with West End theatre. Ghost Stories will show at the Athenaeum Theatre Melbourne from October .

The play runs for 80 minutes without intermission. To join the Ghost Stories waitlist for priority booking visit ghoststoriestheshow.com.au. www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfabPFfTm6g&t=8s This October, the global stage phenomenon Ghost Stories lands in Melbourne.Waitlist is now open: www.ghoststoriestheshow.com.au/Written by The League.

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