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9 June

9 June

The Attic Theatrical

We are giving you a little insider information into our auditions. We want to cast all of you and we want everyone who comes through our audition doors to be great and we want to give you as much opportunity as possible to show us the best version of you. Auditioning is hard and we all have had that time when we have walked away feeling like we didnt give it our best shot dont do that here.

Take your time be in the moment if you need help, ask. We want you to succeed. Watch the video for some handy tips to audition from our Creative Team.

This is a show you are going to love being a part of. Book your audition via this link and we cant wait to see you there. forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=bo6TfRUa80-GdhPnH-a3ch22NS1fmK5Lv50k8s_m5QBUM0o0Qk5BNjlMSlIyNkM0Qk5aNUpRQ1JCMi4u&fbclid=IwAR1mH6uSy5ZNg8LIOOi6EQ42ehg780YLzNgq47hL6vjDpqRfHdl8WRzbgHg&fswReload=1&fswNavStart=1623236192715.

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