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30 September

30 September

Gosford Musical Society

INFORMATION BULLETIN FOR MEMBERS AND FRIENDS OF GOSFORD MUSICAL SOCIETY 24TH SEPTEMBER Once again some more information for you. The Board met this month and has been working on a Vaccination Policy. Thanks to Sancia West for her support and fantastic work in this area.

It has been very difficult to work our way through the maze of information, webinars, policies and public health documentation. As you would expect, Gosford Musical Society will have to work to the requirements of Central Coast Council. At this stage, we still have no information from Council about how and when Laycock Street Community Theatre will open again.

We are seeking advice from Council and will keep you informed as soon as we are aware of Councils requirements. In the meantime, and in order for us to be able to stage 42nd Street next year in our usual fantastic production standard, the Board has spoken with many people and come to the conclusion that it will be necessary for all cast members and everyone involved in any production, event, or activity in or at GMS to have received two registered vaccinations and be able to provide a record of such vaccination. The Vaccination policy can be found online, under the Members area.

I do hope you will understand that the primary duty for GMS is to keep ALL members safe. ROSLYN M ENGLISH President.

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