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6 October

6 October

Sounds of Musical Theatre

WWLTS 2022 SEASON ANNOUNCED: Woy Woy Little Theatre, the only producer of plays on the peninsula, has announced its 2022 season. Admittedly, two productions have been held over from , but together its an impressive programme of three well know works and a brilliant newie. Look forward to seeing: Spirit Level 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 February and 4, 5, 6 March: Director: Graham Vale Ben Hur 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 May and 3, 4, 5 June.

Director: Christine Vale Travelling North 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 August Appleton Ladies Potato Race 28, 29, 30 October, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 November. SPIRIT LEVEL: Jack and Susie Cameron are spirits who have returned to the country cottage where they once lived. This is because they were refused entry into heaven Jack is an atheist.

In life Jack was a famous crime writer and Susie his sophisticated wife. In death, they have been quite bored scaring off the estate agent and prospective tenants. Until Simon and Flic come along.

Simon is an aspiring crime writer himself and idolises Jack Cameron and Susie loves the idea that Flic is pregnant. Flics monstrous mother, Marcia, is doing her best to separate them. Simon gets writers block, so Susie draws Jack into helping him so Jack and Susie become drawn into Simon and Flics lives.

Nothing works so Susie calls down her guardian angel, who, much to her surprise, actually shows up. But she is nothing like the angelic figure we would expect. But she does show Jack and Susie a rather unorthodox way to help Simon with his writing which also ends up producing some hilarious scenes of utter confusion.

The dialogue is clever and fast-paced and the audience is listening to multiple conversations throughout much of the play. So there is no time to rest. The cast includes Geoff Hay, Judi Jones, Robert McCann, Josie Ginty, Frank Wiffen, Jenna Arnold, and Fran Kendall.

BEN HUR: In 2022, we will be presenting (what we THINK at the time of writing) the Australian PREMIERE of Ben Hur by Patrick Barlow, based on the novel by General Lew Wallace. The production reunites the team behind our outrageous comedy The 39 Steps (also written by Patrick Barlow) in 2012 and uses just four actors to tell the epic story set in ancient Rome. The production has been described as having stunning combat (featuring the latest 3D technology), a 103% bona fide chariot race (with REAL CHARIOTS), an authentic sea battle (with REAL WATER), and a decadent and UNEXPURGATED Roman orgy (suitable for all ages).

Cast features: Greg Buist, Jake Cain-Roser, Terry Matthews and Rebecca Bright. TRAVELLING NORTH: Frank, a newly retired, sometimes bad-tempered civil engineer, and his partner Frances, a good-natured divorcee some 15 years his junior, decide to live together for the first time and relocate upon his retirement from cold, busy Melbourne (home of Frances two married daughters) to a modest but apparently paradise-like beachside home in a small town in the tropics of far north Queensland. The film follows their journey through Franks declining health, his immoderate outbursts tempered with occasional acts of kindness and self-realization, his initial neglect of Frances own needs, the contrast between their past big city and new small-town surroundings, and their sometimes fraught, sometimes comic interactions with Freddy, their ex-serviceman neighbour and Saul, the long-suffering local doctor, who eventually become their friends and providers of emotional support, to its foreshadowed, moderately peaceful, ending for Frank and cusp of another new beginning in beautiful surroundings for Frances.

Director, Audition Dates to be Announced. Season opens August 5. THE APPLETON LADIES POTATO RACE: This new Australian comedy, featuring a cast of five fabulous women, is a funny, honest and heart-warming story about upsetting the potato cart and standing up for your principles.

Appleton is a small country town being forced into the present with a recent influx of wealthy city slickers, tree changers, and refugees. Simmering tensions come to a head when new GP Penny Anderson discovers that the famous Appleton Potato Race awards $1000 prize money to men, and a measly $200 to women. When Penny decides to take steps to restore gender parity and coax Appleton into the 21st century, little could she have anticipated the spiralling, hilarious culture war that would follow.

Inspired by real-life events, THE APPLETON LADIES POTATO RACE is a funny, honest, and heart-warming story about upsetting the potato cart and standing up for your principles. Director, Audition Dates to be advised. Season commences October 28.

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