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9 October

9 October

Sounds of Musical Theatre

SUNSET BOULEVARD FILM PLANS SCRAPPED: Its bad news for Sunset Boulevard fans from the sounds of it, the musical is not looking likely to make its way to the big screen. Despite many hopes that its production was imminent, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has revealed that the project seems to have hit a relatively hefty speed bump. Chatting to Variety, Lloyd Webber revealed plans have stalled.

I wish I could say its going into production tomorrow morning, but its not, he said, adding: Paramount has not wanted to go ahead with it. Its not for want of trying. Glenn Close has been absolutely doggedly trying to get it made.

Close has indeed been in the trenches for years trying to get the project off the ground, with many pushes to get a completed script ready and funding from Paramount. Lloyd Webber, Don Black and Christopher Hamptons musical is based on the iconic film of the same name. With a movie not on the horizon any time soon, UK audiences will be able to see Sunset Boulevard in concert at Londons Royal Albert Hall early next year.

Paramounts decision comes almost two years after the critical and commercial failure of the film version of Lloyd Webbers Cats, which the composer has labelled off-the-scale all wrong. Lloyd Webber told Variety that he went out and bought a puppy to cheer himself up after watching the pieces poor performance.

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