Central Coast Theatre
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20 November

20 November

Central Coast Conservatorium of Music

One year ago the music world mourned the loss of one of its fiercest advocates, beloved conductor and educator Richard Gill. A new music festival in the conductors home town of Stanmore, in Sydneys inner west, has been hatched, with the first Stanmore (or St.Anmore) Festival of Music on November 16. This festival is important for so many reasons,.

Its carrying on Richards unwavering commitment to bringing the joy of music to everyone, no matter if youre 4, 40, or 80. Its about a bunch of neighbours, friends and others rallying together to make something from nothing, and have great fun in the process. This festival sits right at the heart of the community, and as you can already see from the sheer volume of acts involved, the community really wants this to happen.

A world without music is, well, unimaginable. www.limelightmagazine.com.au//stanmore-festival-o/.

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