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Alice in wonderlAnd Jr

Gosford Musical Society

Showing at Laycock Street Theatre

Tuesday, 14 Jan, 10:30am

Presented by Gosford Musical Society. Lewis Carroll`s famous heroine comes to life in a delightful adaptation of the classic Disney film

Gosford Musical Society

Travel down the rabbit hole and join Alice, one of literature`s most beloved heroines, in her madcap adventures. Featuring updated songs from Disney`s thrilling animated motion picture, Disney`s Alice in Wonderland JR. is a fast-paced take on the classic tale.

The ever-curious Alice`s journey begins innocently enough as she chases the White Rabbit.
Her adventures become increasingly more strange as she races the Dodo Bird, gets tied up with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, raps with a bubble-blowing Caterpillar and beats the Queen of Hearts at her own game!

Roles are plentiful, including three Cheshire Cats and dozens of other wonderfully wacky characters, providing plentiful opportunities to showcase students of all different musical skill levels.
A chorus of kids playing in the park, rock lobsters, talking fish, royal cardsmen, unbirthday partiers, as well as a group of mean-girl flowers, allows for a highly expandable cast size.

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