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The Peach Season

Jopuka Productions

Showing at The Launch Pad

Sunday, 8 Dec, 8:00pm

Presented by Jopuka Productions. A powerful, salutary tale showing what it`s like to be a young person desperate for independence.

Jopuka Productions

After the murder of her husband, Celia has shut herself and her 16-year-old daughter Zoe away, toiling on a peach farm in the middle of nowhere. The arrival of two young people to help during picking season heralds the beginning of the end for Celia`s safe existence.

Her daughter falls in love with enigmatic, erratic Kieran, but when the relationship is threatened, they run away together.
The safe, perhaps smothering, world that Celia has created unravels, her paranoia and insecurities amplified to full volume. Playing out alongside her fear, we see the increasingly degrading and dangerous lifestyle that the two elopers have fallen into.

Content Rating: 13+ Contains some coarse language, sexual refereneces and adult themes

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Jopuka Productions


The Launch Pad


Anna Carter

Lead Cast

Calem Madden

Lead Cast

Danielle Brame Whiting

Lead Cast

Gabrielle Brooks

Lead Cast

Tayla Glasson

Lead Cast

Joshua Maxwell


Debora Oswald


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