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The Gospel According to Paul

Jonathan Biggins

Showing at Laycock Street Theatre

Tuesday, 19 May, 7:00pm

Presented by Jonathan Biggins. One of Australia`s favourite performers, Jonathan Biggins, is Paul Keating - visionary, reformer and rabble-rouser - in the return of the 2019 smash hit comedy, The Gospel According to Paul.

Jonathan Biggins

Full of intelligence and wit, The Gospel According to Paul is a funny, insightful and occasionally poignant portrait of Paul Keating. the man that - as he tells it - single-handedly shaped contemporary Australia.

A hilariously funny, astute, inspiring show, Limelight
Like so many Australians, Jonathan has long been fascinated by Keating and what Keating means to Australia.
Showcasing his eviscerating wit, rich rhetoric and ego the size of Everest, The Gospel According to Paul distils Keating`s essence into 90 minutes, focusing on key biographical milestones, landmark political achievements and personal obsessions. It shows the man who grew up in the tribe of the Labor Party and gained an education at the knee of Jack Lang, who treated economics as an artform, and demanded we confront the wrongs of our colonial past.

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